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Eva Longoria emotional over Housewives script

Eva Longoria says the Desperate Housewives cast were "bawling" when they read the final script because it is "so good".

Eva and her co-stars Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross and Ricardo Chavira have gathered in Hollywood to celebrate the end of the hit show after eight seasons. Eva thinks fans will be impressed with the finale as she was moved to tears when she read the plotline.

"I think it's always a bummer whenever you've invested so long in a series and then it doesn't end well," she told Entertainment Tonight. "Ours ends so great. When we did the last table read we were bawling because it was so good."

The actress has been posting photographs of the final moments of the show on her Twitter account. She believes the last episode is the "perfect ending to a perfect eight years".

Other cast members have expressed their emotions over the end of the hit series. Andrea Bowen, who plays Julie, has given fans a taste of what's to come.

"[Mark Cherry, writer] does a lot of harkening back to earlier seasons that I think people will be really excited about," she said.

Brenda Strong, who plays Mary Alice, adds she found it difficult to wrap up the show. She could hardly deliver her lines during rehearsals.

"When I read the final script at the table read, I actually couldn't get through the final voice-over because it was so deep and emotional," she said.

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