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Eva Longoria: I step it up for romance

Eva Longoria is very cautious about opening up about her new “private” boyfriend Jose Antonio Baston.

The former Desperate Housewives actress was initially hesitant to talk about her new love interest Jose Antonio Baston during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres. However, after being pressed by the talk show host to dish about the Mexican business mogul, she revealed she finds keeping up with his good sense of style hard.

“He’s a good dresser,” Eva said of her boyfriend. “I always have to step it up. It’s exhausting.”

“So you are in love with a businessman from Mexico,” Ellen gently pressed during the interview. “Let’s talk about him.”

“No, let’s not,” the 39-year-old Hollywood actress replied. “He’s uber private.”

Eva made her first public appearance with Jose Antonio last November after keeping their relationship off the radar for months. According to sources though, Eva is completely smitten by her new beau.

“He’s been sweeping her off her feet and courting her like a proper gentleman,” a source told People Magazine.

Eva also discussed her hobbies with Ellen, explaining that she loves flying and is happy to jet set to any destination.

“I work everywhere. I love planes, I love flying, I love airports,” Eva admitted.

“That’s weird,” talk show host Ellen bluntly replied.

“I know restaurants in certain airports that I will go earlier to the airport because I really want to eat there,” Eva continued. “Like in Dallas there’s this barbecue place in terminal D, the American terminal. In San Antonio, there’s a Mexican restaurant where the United Airlines are. I love airports. I like reading, I like wifi. I get very excited.”

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