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Eva Mendes: Gosling is great with kids

Eva Mendes has spoken of how thrilling it was to see her boyfriend Ryan Gosling around children while they were shooting their new movie.

The two stars met on the set of movie The Place Beyond the Pines, in which Ryan plays a man who takes drastic steps to provide for his family.

The couple’s characters have a son in the release and Eva was astounded by how much the tot bonded with Ryan.

“He loves babies and he loved playing with the little boy we used in the film to play our son. It was adorable to see him in that light,” she told British newspaper The Sun.

“There’s one intense scene in particular where everyone has been screaming, including the baby. The beauty of that scene comes when Ryan picks up the baby and he immediately quietens down and starts to fall asleep on him. That’s just magical.

“That happened a lot, too. We did a lot of takes and that was one of the most beautiful moments in the film, because babies don’t act.”

The 39-year-old actress is thrilled to have won the role of Romina because it was so challenging. She knew portraying a mom would be hard and hopes it will show film bosses another side to her talent.

The movie also made Eva think about how well she gets on with her mother.

“I’m so grateful that I still have her around and that when I visit her I feel like I’m a 16-year-old kid again and enjoy being like that with her,” she laughed.

“We’ve always had a complicated relationship - but that’s always the case between mothers and daughters.”

Eva is known for being a bombshell, something she isn’t altogether happy with. She hopes people understand her looks aren’t the most important thing about her, although she is aware guys lust after her.

“I suppose I knew I was attractive but usually you just have to get used to dealing with guys who are constantly coming on to you. Every cute girl has to deal with that,” she said.

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