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Evan Rachel Wood: I didn't mean to shock with Manson

Evan Rachel Wood didn’t start her relationship with Marilyn Manson to prove a point.

The 27-year-old actress dated the notorious rock star on and off for almost four years from the age of 19. The couple simulated sex while covered in blood in his Heart-Shaped Glasses video but Evan insists she wasn’t intentionally trying to be provocative.

“I thought I was in love. I wasn’t doing it to prove a point or be rebellious,” she told The Edit. “I wanted to break a mould for sure – I knew I was edgier, more alternative, and weird. And he was just what I needed, because I felt really free with him. And that freedom was attractive.”

Marilyn, 46, had divorced Dita Von Teese not long before and Evan was branded a homewrecker in the press. The age gap between the two was also a major talking point.

“People were cruel. You build immunity to that sort of thing, but I wasn’t used to negative feedback, so it got to me. Then I got angry, and pushed away even more,” she explained. “[But] I wouldn’t trade any of [our relationship]. I appreciate everything he taught me. I just don’t think we were right for each other.”

Evan went on to marry Billy Elliot actor Jamie Bell, who she had previously dated as a teen, and together they have a two-year-old son. The couple parted ways last year but have an amicable relationship.

“Jamie’s lovely. He was the love of my life,” she said.

Evan is in a new relationship, but won’t give away any details on her partner's name or sex. However, the bi-sexual star did open about the days when she didn't fully acknowledged her sexuality.

“I knew it was part of me, but I hadn’t allowed myself to explore it,” she added. “I didn’t realise how crippling it was until I finally opened that door and went, ‘Wow!’”

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