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Evan Rachel Wood: Men are allowed to have emotions

Evan Rachel Wood wants her son to grow up knowing he's allowed to "have emotions and be vulnerable".

The 27-year-old actress welcomed her little boy in July 2013 with ex-husband Jamie Bell, who she split from last May.

As a big supporter of equal rights and someone who is vocal about gender issues, Evan hopes her son will grow up holding his own opinions rather than being misled by the views of others.

"I think whenever I talk about being a feminist or speaking out for equality, it's also about the idea that men are treated with respect. It's not just about treating women like people and not abusing them. You also can't abuse men and you can't say things like, 'Oh, he was just a man. He didn't know any better.' Or: 'He's a man, what did you expect?'" she explained to

"That's just as abusive and damaging to men, I feel. I would want him to value himself as a person. To hold himself to a higher standard, and to not listen to all the stuff that's shoved down men's throats about what they're supposed to do and how they're not supposed to feel. I want him to know that he's a person and he's allowed to have emotions and be vulnerable. That doesn't mean he's not strong."

Being a mother has also had an effect on the roles Evan chooses, as she's now more likely to turn down racy parts in favour of kids' movies.

Whatever the job, the star always strives for a "place of Zen". She even has out-of-body experiences when portraying different characters or singing, another passion of hers.

"Afterward you come back to Earth and you're like, 'What just happened? We just did something awesome!' It's this energy in the room when you know you're nailing it and you know everyone else is feeling it too," she smiled.

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