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Evangeline Lilly: I’ve been through the wringer

Evangeline Lilly couldn’t have been “more bored with the notion” of marriage as a teen.

The former Lost actress gave birth to son Kahekili in May 2011 with partner Norman Kali. The couple would like to expand their family, but have faced a number of hurdles.

“What I wanted originally was six kids. I frickin’ love being pregnant. I’m one of the lucky women who just had a blissful pregnancy, but I wanted to adopt four,” she told Ocean Drive magazine. “My partner and I have really been through the wringer in the adoption world and it’s hard, so we’ll see what happens.”

The star of the Hobbit franchise met Norman on the set of Lost where he worked as a production assistant. The family still live Hawaii where it was filmed and while Evangeline isn’t against tying the knot, she isn’t sure the right moment will ever come.

“Every other 16-year-old girl wanted to look at bridal magazines; I could not have been more bored with the notion,” she recalled. “My partner is a stay-at-home father, so if he wants to be on my health plan, or tax-wise, or maybe on paper we want to have our I’s dotted and our T’s crossed, but emotionally neither of us really feels the need for it.

“We love each other today, and we hope we’ll love each other tomorrow. In my world, I don’t believe in forever promises. I don’t think it’s realistic.”

The 35-year-old admits that she is happiest at home with her boys as she hates the falseness of the celebrity world.

“I’m a bit delusional, but every time I do a job, I think I’m retired,” she laughed. “I love it for a time. I love the entertaining and to see the lights and the shows and enjoy the restaurants and see my friends who I never see, but there’s an emptiness that settles in very quickly. Then some project comes along that just lures me out of my false sense of retirement, and I end up going off and shooting it.”

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