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Evangeline Lilly: I’ve sworn off TV

Evangeline Lilly doesn’t think she’ll ever be able to work in a comedy.

The 35-year-old actress rose to fame as Kate Austen in hit ABC series Lost. While she loved her time on the series, she has made the leap to the big screen in movies like The Hobbit franchise and upcoming Marvel flick Ant-Man and has no plans to return to her roots.

“Oh god. I have sworn off television. Never say never, but it’s too much of a grind,” she confessed to Collider when asked if she’d ever consider starring in one of Marvel’s TV series. “I don’t know who wants to work that hard. Maybe one episode.”

Lost focused on survivors of a plane crash on a mysterious island and also starred Dominic Monaghan and Matthew Fox. Since it ended in 2010, Evangeline has juggled her movie career with motherhood, after giving birth to son Kahekili in 2011.

But the star admits she couldn’t resist the opportunity to work on Ant-Man alongside Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas.

“I distinctly remember the day, the scene, I was working when it hit me I was working with Michael Douglas. Up until that point I hadn’t given it any thought. I was like, yeah, OK, great cast, looks good, let’s do the movie,” she recalled. “Then I had to do a fairly intense actor scene. He had to bring it and I had to bring it, and somewhere in the middle of that scene the penny dropped, and I went, ‘Holy f**k, I’m working with Michael Douglas!’”

As for Paul, Evangeline loved watching him hone his craft, but quickly realised that she could never do the types of comedy roles he’s mostly associated with.

“Now I know I can never work in a comedy because I can’t keep a goddamn straight face,” she laughed. “He makes me crack up in the middle of takes all the time, and then I get all embarrassed I’m blowing take after take after take because I can’t stop laughing. It’s a great way to spend your day.”

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