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Evangeline Lilly’s dating troubles

Evangeline Lilly is convinced being famous is detrimental to her love life.

The 34-year-old The Hobbit star has become a fixture on the red carpet over the past ten years but she’s convinced being high-profile is detrimental to her love life.

“Once I became a public figure, that ended,” she told DuJour magazine about dating.

“Men stopped talking to me. Because they think, ‘Why would she want to date me?’ But the irony of it is, that’s exactly why you’d want to date them - everyone needs something to ground them in their life, and often for public figures, that’s their partner.”

But Evangeline doesn’t regret her career choices.

The actress, who catapulted to fame in 2004 with her role in US TV series Lost, remembers how desperate she was before she landed the part.

“When I got the job on Lost, I was a broke university student living in the crappiest part of town, with a duct-taped back window on a broken-down car. I existed on peanut butter and tea,” she shared.

“When somebody said, ‘I will pay you a lot of money to come and do this,’ it was worth it to make the sacrifice for a certain amount of time in order to have the flexibility that comes from having more financial freedom.”’

She’s since moved onto blockbuster films, most recently starring in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

And Evangeline says working on the project was one of the most fulfilling experiences of her career yet – because she feels she’s making a difference.

“I’ve had people who have seen the film who have daughters thank me for being part of it, because otherwise their daughters would have had hours of cinema without a single female character onscreen,” she said. “That’s unacceptable.”

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