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Evangeline ‘saves Hobbit ears’

Evangeline Lilly can't help but find her giant Hobbit ears "gross".

The actress stars as Tauriel in the latest instalment of the franchise The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Her character is an elf and Evangeline was certain about one thing when she signed up - she wanted the biggest, pointiest pair of ears in the business.

“I chose the largest pair I could get,” she told Variety. “I’m very proud to say I have the largest ears in Middle Earth. They are disposable, so every day they take them off and throw them out.

"[I kept some.] They are kind of gross, in a box at home, this rubbery piece of flesh.”

The movie also stars Orlando Bloom and Martin Freeman and was directed by Peter Jackson. The cast had a great time on set, which Evangeline in part puts down to the costumes they had to wear.

Strapping on her pointed ears certainly helped her get in character quickly.

"How did I become an elf? The great thing about playing an elf is that there is a lot of physical transformation that happens. Putting on the ears, putting on the wig, the way they would accentuate my face with the make-up and costumes," she explained.

Although she is happy now, Evangeline recently spoke about one of the hardest experiences of her life. She opened up about her battle with depression, claiming changing her diet to an organic one had a huge effect on her mental wellbeing.

"I have battled clinical depression and have come out of the other side. I've been free of it for many years now," she is quoted as saying by Digital Spy.

"Going from eating whatever to eating primarily organic food, I was astounded what a difference that made. After about a year or two years, I started to feel something physically lift out of my brain, and I believe it was all the chemicals I was probably ingesting [before]."

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