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Ewan McGregor: I'm past winning young guy roles

Ewan McGregor couldn't help cursing when he realised he was no longer being cast as the "young guy".

The 41-year-old actor plays a father who is desperately trying to be reunited with his family following the 2004 tsunami in his latest movie The Impossible. Although Ewan raises four daughters in real life, it's one of the first times he's explored the parent/child relationship on screen.

He's happy to be at that stage in his career, although he can vividly remember the shock he felt when he realised he would no longer win hunky roles.

"The first time I remember anything like that was on the last film I did with Naomi [Watts, his The Impossible co-star] - Stay [in 2005], with Ryan Gosling," he told British newspaper The Guardian.

"One day on set I suddenly realised I was the doctor. And I went, 'Oh God… He's the young guy - I'm in the suit! F**k!' But that was a long time ago, so it's been happening for a while."

Ewan enjoys promoting his films and feels he has got used to giving interviews over the years.

He hasn't always found it so easy though, laughing he was petrified when he first had to talk publicly about his work.

"I remember [giving the interview] on the phone in a broom cupboard, because I was so embarrassed. My big moment! I didn't know what to do. I probably talked too much. But I always think that you may as well say what you mean, or there's not much point in doing it, really," he laughed.

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