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Fall Out Boy: We think about legacy

Pete Wentz says Fall Out Boy are doing their utmost to stay true to their roots while growing as a band.

The band, fronted by Pete Wentz, released their hit album American Beauty/American Psycho in January.

And on 20th March at the Woodie Awards at the South By Southwest Music Festival in Austin, Texas, the group will be honoured for managing to stay true to their roots while producing new music as they are inducted into the Hall of Wood.

In a new interview, Pete says the group realised they have a responsibility to their fans to continue growing while remembering where they have come from.

"It's a fine line between moving into the future and staying true to your roots, and trying to do it at the same time because you do what's authentic to you," Pete told Entertainment Tonight, "But at the same time, we have to grow and can't do the same thing over and over again. I think that our fanbase has been really great at growing with us."

The group certainly had strong competition over the years, as they continue to battle against new groups such as 5 Seconds of Summer.

Adding that Fall Out Boy are “somewhere in the middle” of the newcomers and old school bands such as the Foo Fighters, Pete adds: "We have to think about what our legacy is, which is insane for us to even think about.

“It's an interesting place cause it's like, we kinda have to fight a war on both sides.”

As well as proving to be hugely popular on the radio, Fall Out Boy have also reached new fans through other mediums such as at sporting events.

And Pete adds it’s important for a group in this day and age to embrace new ways of making a name for themselves.

"We do think about, as a contemporary rock band that gets played on, or wants to get played on, a bunch of different formats, wants to address pop culture and have a dialogue, you need to think about permeating culture in any way that you can," he said.

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