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Fallon: Franny rolls her eyes at her clothes!

Jimmy Fallon says his six-month-old daughter Franny has fallen victim to the curse of being the second child, because she has none of her own clothes.

The 40-year-old actor became a father for the second time when he and wife Nancy welcomed Franny by surrogate on December 3.

And due to the fact that the pair were already parents to one-year-old daughter Winnie, the little girl has fallen victim to the curse of being the second child.

“Poor Franny has no original clothes,” Jimmy told “Every single thing you’re like, ‘Aww, I remember when Winnie used to wear that,’ and she’s already rolling her eyes like, ‘When am I getting my own things?’

However, while Franny might have a limited wardrobe of her own, Jimmy says he’s thrilled that the little girl will grow up with an older sister.

Both he and Nancy grew up with siblings, and he says their lives were better because of it.

“I had a sister, and my wife had a brother,” he said. “It’s just good to have a brother or sister in the house that can tell you that your hair looks weird before you go to school or you can’t wear that. You need that.”

Jimmy has taken the time to pen a book entitled Your Baby’s First Words Will Be DADA.

And he says if his name turns out to be Franny’s first word, he feels he deserves some recognition.

“Secretly, nine out of 10 dads want their kids first words to be ‘Dada,’ ” he said. “Who knows, it might work. I’m not a doctor or child psychologist, but I think, if this works, maybe there should be a wing in a university dedicated to the science behind it.”

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