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Fallon’s ‘terrible dating advice’

Jimmy Fallon believes a true mate is someone you can “have the most fun with forever”.

The 39-year-old comedian and future The Tonight Show host is a big fan of intuition when it comes to matters of the heart.

Jimmy has been married for six years to producer Nancy Juvonen and he’s convinced he knew they were perfect for each other from the outset.

“The truest thing I can say is . . . sometimes you just know. But that’s terrible advice. The only people who say that are the people who just knew. How do you know unless you found that person?” he mused in the March 2014 edition of Men’s Health magazine.

“I think you just look for the person you have the most fun with. And that’s enough. You realise, ‘Wait, I can just keep having fun with her forever?’ Yes, you can do that. It’s the secret. Look at Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.”

Jimmy is preparing to take over hosting duties of iconic US late-night programme The Tonight Show from Jay Leno.

Johnny Carson presented the show for 30 years before Jay took his place, and Jimmy never would have imagined he’d be part of that legacy.

“The Tonight Show didn’t seem like an actual job that you could have,” he explained.

“All you remember is watching Johnny Carson and thinking he would never retire. You thought he would live forever. So there was no way for that to be a dream of mine.”

The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon will premiere on February 17.

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