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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Fans take charge in virtual Corrie

Fans could stop Becky and Steve squabbling

Fans will soon be able to live in a virtual Coronation Street in which they could even change the boss of the Rovers Return.

New social networking game Corrie Nation, launching on and Facebook from November 1, will allow users to build their own parallel soap world.

It will feature an online Rovers and Underworld knicker factory, and they can choose from more than 60 characters, past and present, to live in it.

So users could promote Sean Tully from occasional barman to pub boss, or put Reg Holdsworth and Audrey Roberts under the same roof - or even stop Becky and Steve McDonald squabbling.

Performing tasks for characters will help players progress to the next level of the game, and fans can choose tasks that reflect what they think characters should do in current storylines from the soap.

Points earned while playing can be exchanged for storyline spoilers - presented as "psychic predictions" from one of the characters.

They can also be used to access new buildings, characters and other parts of Weatherfield, including Rosamund Street, Victoria Street and Viaduct Street.

Players will compete against friends and other fans, trading characters.

Corrie Nation will be free to play, but users can pay extra to upgrade or customise the game.

Patricia Wagstaff, director of digital productions for ITV Studios, said: "Corrie Nation is a great example of engaging with the Coronation Street audience in new ways and exploiting this world class brand to deliver further revenues to the business. We're thrilled this fantastic game is the latest addition to the Corrie off-screen activities which include games, books, DVDs and ale."

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