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Farrell ‘adores Taylor’

Colin Farrell would have liked to be Elizabeth Taylor’s eighth husband.

The 37-year-old Irish actor revealed the two actors struck up a close friendship in 2009 after a chance meeting between his and Elizabeth’s manager.

Despite the 42-year-age gap, Colin confesses he was under the late Cleopatra actress’ spell.

“'It was kind of like the last, it feels like in my head, not her, I’m projecting, but the last kind of romantic relationship I had, which was never consummated,” he explained during an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“My youngest son was being born, and we were in Cedars [hospital] and I bumped into - it was about an hour before Henry arrived - and I bumped into somebody outside the lift. It was Elizabeth’s manager and her close friend Tim Mendelsohn and they said what are you doing here?'”

Colin who has two sons, James, 10 and Henry, four, went on to explain how her manager was visiting Elizabeth after she had a stint put in her heart and he told them he was waiting for his son to be born.

“I said, "Will you tell her I said hello? She probably won't know who I am,” the Total Recall star added.

“And they go, ‘No, she knows who you are,’ and I went wow, ‘Cool. Well, tell her I said hello and I wish her the best’ and they said, ‘Will do.’”

The actor recalls that just a few days following his return home from the hospital with son Henry, he had some flowers waiting for him from Elizabeth, who died in 2011.

He then asked his rep if there was any chance he could introduce himself to the acting legend and after a few calls, they finally met face to face.

“That was the beginning of a year and a half or two years of what was a really cool,” he said.

“'I just adored her, she was a spectacular, spectacular woman. I wanted to be [husband] number eight but we ran out of road.

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