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Farrell: Affleck will kill it as Batman

Colin Farrell believes Ben Affleck will shut "naysayers" up with his portrayal of Batman.

The Pearl Harbor star is set to play the DC Comics superhero in upcoming action flick Batman vs. Superman.

Colin has nothing but praise for his fellow actor and is confident Ben will put all the doubts to rest with his performance.

"Good luck to him. I think he'll do a great job. As an actor, I don't know that I know anyone that's improved as much as he has. That sounds like a sh*t thing to say," Colin laughed to Total Film magazine.

"I always enjoyed watching him, as a director he's extraordinary too, but his work in The Town and Argo, he was so fantastic in both those films. In Argo, it was such a controlled performance. I think he'll kill it as Batman. I hope he does and shuts the naysayers up."

Colin has had his own share of criticised performances. However, he insists he has no major regrets and feels life has dealt him a fair hand.

"As a testament to how OK I am with where I am in my life now, I would do it all the same, but I would be damn tempted to change a few things. And maybe I would change a few things, but I'd change them with the awareness that I was taking a massive gamble and that I could have done films that were better received than some of the ones I did and I wouldn't be in as good a place as I feel blessed to be in now," he admitted.

"Life doesn't seem to work in linear mathematical equations like: good things happen, therefore good things happen."

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