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Farrell: Life is intense

Colin Farrell has described life as a series of “profound experiences”.

The Irish actor has experienced many ups and downs during his 39 years, including going to rehab and becoming a father. For him that’s what life is all about – experience different things and doing your best not to let them break you.

“I don’t think of myself as an intense person, but I think of life as an intense experience. And I think that the living of the life and what we all go through, whether it’s love or loss, friendship, work, dreams, creativity - all these things can be very intense experiences. It’s an intense ride,” he told “In that way, every human being needs to have a level of intensity to survive. You don’t have to be the loudest person in the room or driven by ambition, but there has to be some kind of level of intensity just to get through life.”

Colin also mentioned how meaningful some other experiences can be, such as friendship, looking after children or the loss of someone close. Although it might sound like he was being gloomy, the star insisted that even when something is indescribably sad there can be a positive part to it.

“Life is a series of significantly profound experiences that befall us. Some are disappointments and some are an opportunity for celebration. The death of a loved one is heart-breaking but can be a time for the people who loved that person to celebrate the life that they lived,” he explained.

At the moment things are going well for Colin, whose new TV show True Detective is about to hit screens. The last season featured Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson and was lauded by critics, with Vince Vaughn teaming up with Colin this time around.

While fans are excited to see how they will fit into things, there is also another question on people’s lips – Colin’s large and bushy moustache.

“No, it’s just cool,” he laughed, when asked if he grew it specially. “No, it wasn’t by choice, so it will be gone as soon as we wrap.”

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