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Fassbender: I'm emotional

Michael Fassbender gets overly emotional by little things in everyday life.

The German-Irish actor made a name for himself in hit movies such as Inglourious Basterds and X-Men: First Class.

While he is able to put on a tough guy image in his films, in real life Michael is the complete opposite and it doesn't take much to trouble him.

"I am pretty emotional, yeah," he admitted to website "The things that upset me are really silly things. Like putting a cuff link in a shirt. I get so [frustrated] I want to break something. It's weird. And, bigger problems I handle with calm."

In his upcoming film The Counselor, Michael's title character has several scenes which require him to shed some tears.

The 36-year-old star found crying for the cameras came naturally to him and he didn't even do it on purpose in one particular shot.

"I didn't mean to weep in that scene in the car. I didn't. It just happened," he insisted. "I did think maybe it's too much. I was afraid of a double beat there."

While growing up Michael didn't know what he wanted to do when he was older. After deciding education wasn't for him he tried to pursue a music career before falling into acting.

"Playing guitar in a heavy metal band was the goal. I practiced two hours a day, every day, whenever I could when I came home from school," he recalled.

"And, then my friend came around with his guitar one day, and he blew me out of the room. I was like, he's got what it takes; I don't. And, around that same time, I did some acting classes. I did a couple of those and thought, this feels right. Most of the things I was participating in at school, including sports, I was average. But, this felt like I had an affinity to it. I felt I could express myself in that medium."

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