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Fassbender: McAvoy is king prankster

James McAvoy has pranked Michael Fassbender many times on set.

The two men play Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr respectively in the X-Men movies and have built up a firm friendship on set. James is known as something of a prankster, which Michael has witnessed firsthand many times.

“Oh, he’s lethal! You’ll find him hiding underneath cars, waiting for you. He once tried to break into my trailer through the skylight,” Michael laughed to Nylon Guys magazine. “It’s like being in one of those Pink Panther films, and he’s Cato jumping out of the freezer. Just when you think the day’s over, you come home to find James sitting on your toilet with a BB gun.”

James features on the cover off the publication’s September issue and chats candidly about his career inside. He appeared on a UK TV show called Shameless – which has been made over for American audiences – before making it big in movies and for a while worried about the parts he would be offered.

“For a long time, I was playing the normal guy in an exceptional world, or the normal guy who was in a relationship with someone much more weird and interesting,” he explained. “I was holding the audience’s hand, guiding them into a world they weren’t familiar with, keeping them onside when things got grotesque. Basically I was letting everybody else do the fireworks.”

He’s gone on to star in movies such as Trance and Filth, which have tested him a great deal. Surprisingly, they’ve also made him reconsider where his career is going to take him.

“The last two or three years have been so unlike what I was doing for the ten years before them. There’s a part I’ve been offered and really want to do, but I was worried about taking it because the character is a proper mental case. And I feel like it’s been a couple of years of solely playing mental cases,” he said.

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