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Felicity Huffman caught with 'secret' scripts

Felicity Huffman got caught sneaking secret script pages out of a Desperate Housewives meeting.

The actress is Lynnette Scavo on the top-rating TV show, which is ending when a two-hour show airs in the US on Sunday.

Emotions have been high while shooting the final scenes and none of the main characters knew what was going to happen to them until the last minute. Teri Hatcher, Eva Longoria, Marcia Cross and Vanessa Williams also appear on the series and couldn't wait to hear what would become of their much-loved characters.

"There were secret blue pages, which were the end-end scenes, and you couldn't take them out of the room. But of course everybody took them out of the room," Felicity laughed. "I was walking around talking to the writers and they caught me with my blue pages. They have the un-envious job of ending something. You either have to go off the cliff like Thelma & Louise or come in under wire and fade to black like The Sopranos."

Screen grabs from the finale have already hit the internet, and show the female characters playing poker and scenes shot in court.

Felicity thinks fans will be pleased with the way the eight-year series is wrapped up, although she is refusing to give away any spoilers. She says there are "sweet spots of satisfaction" included, revealing she had her own feel-good moment when thinking of what she would like to take home from the set.

"For a while there I joked I would take Marcia Cross' legs, Eva Longoria's butt," she told "There is a really ugly couch in Tom and Lynette's den that Doug [Savant, who portrays Tom] and I always nap on. We're like the old couple. When they yell cut we go in and snooze for three minutes."

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