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Felicity Jones: Feisty things come in petite packages

Felicity Jones has to be "strong inside" to survive the film industry.

The British actress has starred in teen flicks such as Chalet Girl and Like Crazy and also in huge blockbusters such as The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

It might look like things have come easy to the 31-year-old, but standing at just 5ft 2in and with such a young face, she's always having to prove herself.

"Being a petite woman, you have to be strong inside!" she grinned to Total Film.

"In the film industry, you get knocked back so many times. You have to be thick-skinned to keep going."

Felicity stars in The Theory of Everything, playing the wife of physicist Stephen Hawking, who is portrayed by Eddie Redmayne. Stephen and his wife have since split up, but Felicity met the real-life Jane Hawking to find out more about their love story.

"I went round Jane's house for dinner," she recalled.

"It was really poignant watching her look at these slides of when she and Stephen first met. She brought down clothes she'd worn. I tried on her wedding dress."

And with such big movies out, things can only be on the up for the star. In fact, she's hoping to make a return as the PVC-clad Felicia in the next Amazing Spider-Man film.

"You know as much as I do, but I'd love to, definitely!" she smiled.

"She's a great character, I want to do backflips across the studio! I should start limbering up I guess..."

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