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Felicity Jones gobsmacked by Girls role

Felicity Jones was surprised by how welcoming everyone on the Girls set was.

The British actress received widespread acclaim for her turn as Professor Stephen Hawking's wife Jane in The Theory of Everything this year, which saw her nominated for an Oscar. Despite attending all the glitzy awards season shows and rubbing shoulders with the great and good of Hollywood, it was teaming up with Lena Dunham for her TV show which really excited Felicity.

"I absolutely loved it. They were so welcoming," she told British magazine Glamour. "It was such a relaxed, fun day. I was just like a fan. It was the biggest 'pinch-me' moment."

That's not to say attending red carpet events earlier this year wasn't fun too. One of the best bits for Felicity was getting to spend time with other women in the industry, such as Meryl Streep and Julianne Moore, who beat Felicity to the best actress Oscar thanks to her movie Still Alice.

"It's so rare you get to meet another actresses. There's usually about ten guys and one woman in a film, so we were just enjoying every minute," she explained.

One thing the star has learnt during her career is not to take anything for granted. It took her a while to break through into major movies, and she is very aware that her success could be fleeting.

"I think it's important to keep your head and not listen too much to whether you're going to be this thing or that thing, or the next big thing, or the old thing," she said.

"You always have this fear that any job will be the last, so I feel really fortunate to have a year ahead where I know what I'm doing. I'll just get on with it, really."

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