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Felicity Jones: I need downtime

Felicity Jones has to "re-find" herself every time she finishes a movie.

The British actress has starred in a number of successful movies, including rom-com Chalet Girl, indie film Like Crazy and her latest venture, Breathe In.

Following filming, the 29-year-old likes to take a moment to concentrate on other things and have some fun.

"You need time after you've done a project to put yourself back together and hang out with friends and family and re-find who you are. It can be very intense when you're working on something," she explained to Cover Media.

Recently she's been working on projects in America, including The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and a thriller True Story starring Jonah Hill and James Franco.

Despite enjoying the opportunity to travel, Felicity likes coming back to the UK.

"I love visiting America, but London will always be my home; that's where my friends and family are and this is where I come to rest," she smiled.

"With acting, you're always travelling and you're very much a gypsy. You're always with your suitcase moving around the world and it's important to have somewhere to come back to and London feels like the right place for that."

Luckily technology helps Felicity keep up with all her UK-based loved ones.

The star sometimes doesn't even realise how long she's been away for.

"Thankfully there's Skype. Skype's brilliant, because you can see someone and it doesn't feel like you're so far away. The internet in general... You've been somewhere and then you come back and you don't feel like you've been away!" she marvelled.

"You've been speaking on email and Facebook and you think, 'But I only spoke to you yesterday!' The world is just shrinking."

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