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Felicity Jones: Relaxation is vital

Felicity Jones thinks people should forget about work at the weekend.

The Theory of Everything actress hails from the UK, but disagrees with how some things are run in the country. If she was in charge she'd give people more leisure time, something she believes is vital for happiness.

"I would implement two weeks off before and after Christmas. Everyone needs time to buy their presents and wrap them!" she laughed to British magazine Stylist. "I think it's important to have a more European attitude to a work-life balance, where people don't feel bad for enjoying a weekend without checking their emails."

Felicity likes to champion women and there are several who she is in awe of. That means that if she was Queen of Everything, the 31-year-old would count on some specific ladies to give her tips and offer their opinions.

"Lena Dunham and [US Vogue editor] Anna Wintour would be my chief advisors. I'd rule alone because I like being independent but a great team is vital," she explained. "They're both women with remarkable careers who have never compromised and I'd want to be a queen who stuck to my beliefs. Plus, it has been my secret dream to work on a magazine so I'd love to job-swap with Anna for a day."

Felicity would put more things in place for young people too, as she worries there aren't enough activities for kids. It's something which is often said by people who criticise governments and the actress believes it's short-sighted not to invest in those who will one day be running things.

"My government would encourage more support for young people. I feel deeply that they need more opportunities to express themselves so I would have more music, dance and drama groups outside of school where kids don't feel scared, judged or inhibited," she said. "I went to a drama group growing up and it was a special place where I felt I could just be myself."

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