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Felicity Jones: Theory is all about love

Felicity Jones felt disingenuous when she spent time with Jane Wilde before filming The Theory of Everything.

The British actress stars as Jane Wilde in the movie, based on Jane’s marriage to brilliant physicist Stephen Hawking.

Eddie Redmayne takes on the role as Stephen and the movie has already been nominated for countless accolades.

“When you hear the word 'biopic' it doesn't fare well for the female character," Felicity admitted to "She can be a bit of cipher. When I read the script I realised it was a love story about a relationship and its survival over 25 years. There was something very unconventional about it."

Eddie has spoken at length about his meetings with Stephen, confessing to have been nervous in the scientist’s presence.

Felicity also got to spend time with Jane, revealing it was a much smoother meeting than Eddie’s.

"Meeting her made my job so much easier. It's not a situation where you go in there and ask really personal questions. You are gently trying to get to know each other.

"I had tea with her and then we had dinner. Jane showed me slides of her and Stephen when they first met, and she brought down her wedding dress,” she recalled.

As well as hearing personal stories, Felicity also used her time with Jane to take note of her mannerisms to help bring the film character to life.

However, this left her feeling dishonest at times.

"Sometimes I'd feel quite disingenuous because I'd be chatting away to her and watching how she'd be picking up a cup of tea or moving her foot - trying to absorb as much as possible. In some ways you're a detective - trying to find clues,” she explained.

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