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Felton: One Direction’s a force

Tom Felton accepts Niall Horan’s request to depict him in a fictional movie about One Direction.

The 25-year-old Harry Potter actor is rooting for the British boy band and he is happy about their success.

Last month group member Niall Horan told Yahoo! that he would love to see Tom depict him in a fictional movie version of One Direction’s story, and the thespian is excited about the prospect.

"I heard this. I read this. Niall is one of the wonderful members of One Direction," Tom told MTV News at the Toronto International Film Festival.

"They are awesome. They are a dominating force."

Tom is willing to undergo a dramatic transformation to potentially portray Niall, saying he would do “whatever” to look like the singer.

Although no new One Direction feature film is lined up just yet, Tom feels honoured Niall thinks he’d do a better job playing the undeveloped role than other respected Hollywood actors.

“Oddly... what's really sweet is the rest of them have said like Tom Cruise, Leonardo [DiCaprio] and then Niall said Tom Felton. He's blonde, yeah. I could dye it, whatever," he said. "It's very flattering and I'm a big Directioner."

One Direction recently released their concert tour documentary entitled This Is Us.

The Morgan Spurlock film, starring boy band members Niall, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles and Liam Payne, has earned $23.9 million domestically and $49.9 million internationally since it hit cinemas last month.

Simon Cowell, who signed the band to his record label, claims it is highly likely they will film a sequel.

"Yeah, for sure. We'd love to do another movie with them," Simon told MTV last week. "But they've got this massive tour next year, so we've got to work into their schedule, hopefully."

One Direction’s Take Me Home tour ends in October and they will hit the road again for their Where We Are concert series in April 2014.

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