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Fergie: I'm too busy for the Peas

Fergie is far too busy with her own album to think about recording with Black Eyes Peas at the moment.

The 39-year-old singer released a new track called L.A. Love (La La) last year, which is from her as-yet-untitled upcoming LP.

There has been speculation that the Black Eyed Peas might be working on new material at the moment, but Fergie has seemingly dismissed that. It comes after revealed he is bored by the idea of traditional albums and won't release one again, calling them a "waste of time" when there are so many other ways to release musical "treats".

"Not that I'm aware of. I know they are having a 20th anniversary this year but I haven't been in the band for 20 years," Fergie told British newspaper Metro, when asked if a record was on the way for 2015. "Maybe they're putting out an anniversary album. I don't know. I can't speak for them. My time is fully booked up for my album."

The star was also quizzed on what working with the Peas is like. She insists the band - also comprising of Taboo and - get along really well, but there is an obvious leader when they're in the studio.

"The band is a collaborative collective of creativity. is the captain of the ship. When I'm doing my own stuff I get to be the captain of my own ship and I get to explore more areas. There's not room on a Black Eyes Peas album to express everything I want to express," she said.

The singer has many great memories of performing with the group, such as when they performed in Brazil for New Year's Eve one year. The crowd swelled to one million and it blew her away.

"When they jumped for the songs it was like a tidal wave. It was surreal. They had to sneak us in and out of there in decoy-mobiles and ambulances so we didn't get mobbed," she recalled.

Fergie has taken a brief break from music over the last couple of years as she and her husband Josh Duhamel became parents to their now 17-month-old son Axl. The little boy's name drew some raised eyebrows when it was announced, with Fergie confirming it is in honour of Guns N' Roses star Axl Rose. She dreamt about him while pregnant and took it as a sign.

"It was at the stage we were picking names - we'd already picked Jack after one of my uncles, who had passed away - and Axl Jack seemed to fit and sounded right. I worked with Slash for a while. They aren't really friends at all, they don't like each other, but whatever," she laughed.

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