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Fergie's crazy karaoke flight

Fergie thinks I Gotta Feeling is one of the best tracks people can sing at a karaoke event.

The singer is one quarter of the Black Eyed Peas alongside and Taboo, and the track is one of their biggest hits. While some stars might feel embarrassed about blasting out their own songs at public events, it isn't something that bothers Fergie.

"Oh yeah. We had a karaoke party on a plane. It was us and Redfoo from LMFAO and all these cats up in the air," she laughed to British magazine Heat. "Drinks were flowing and it was amazing. I Gotta Feeling is always a great karaoke song - everyone can join in and you don't have to be on key."

The song is famously about people getting ready for an evening out with their pals, something which Fergie always enjoys doing. The lyrics include; "I gotta feeling/ That tonight's gonna be a good night," and that is something the star can identify with.

"No - I'll make it a good night," she replied, when asked if she's ever worried her expectations won't be met when she's heading out on the town. "I'm never worried that a night is not gonna be a good night."

Not all of the Peas' tracks have such great memories for the 40-year-old star though. While My Humps was a smash around the world, it's probably the song she got the most tired of over the years.

"I've been away from the group for a while, but the one I got a little sick of was My Humps," she explained, before being asked if people would sing it at her when she was out and about. "Absolutely. I mean, it was completely positive, but at the time, we did so many shows and that was the one I got a little bit sick of. But I'd be fine going back to it now."

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