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Ferrell loves sleazy roles

Will Ferrell enjoys playing characters who are the "furthest" from who he is.

The 46-year-old actor is best known for his roles as Buddy in comedy movie Elf and most recently newsreader Ron Burgundy in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.

With each character he plays having different qualities Will admits it's the parts which are the complete opposite to him that are more appealing.

"I know this will sound odd, but I've never really tried to please the audience. I just do things that I think are funny, or fun, and it's such a c**pshoot if the audience thinks they're funny, too," he told British newspaper The Guardian.

"I love playing earnest characters, and I love characters who are super-boring but don't realise it. But I think playing super-sleazy is the most fun for me because it's the furthest from who I am, and that's why any of us do this."

Another reason why Will enjoys embodying the seedy newsman is because of his laid-back personality. He even revealed he would be Ron all the time if he could to escape reality.

"Yeah, it would be easier to be Ron, 'cause Ron doesn't have to answer any questions ever," he mused to Collider. "There's really only been five or six things we've done as Ron outside of the Dodge campaign which has gotten a lot of play. What's so funny is the news media loves it so much. I heard there was a thing tracking, 'What's Ron gonna do next?' Which is hilarious!"

Will has three young sons - Mattias, Magnus and Axel - with his wife Viveca Paulin. Although he is happy to meet fans, the actor tries to avoid attention while out with his kids.

"But [the boys are] getting sweet - they'll tell people who are looking at us, 'Daddy's nice! You can take a picture with him!' And I'll be like, 'Only if it's OK with you guys,'" he added.

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