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Fey: We’re the new Olsen twins

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are excited to be co-hosting the Golden Globes.

The former 30 Rock star has worked with Amy since 2001 when they both starred on NBC show Saturday Night Live.

The duo are hosting the Golden Globes on January 12 and to celebrate they became guest editors of Entertainment Weekly this week.

In their issue, Tina revealed that the classic duo they compare themselves to based on chemistry, is Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

“I do say the Olsen twins because unlike a lot of comedy duos, we're not opposites," Tina said. “There's a lot of overlap in what we like and even in the way we perform, to a certain extent. We're not Martin and Lewis. We're like Derek Jeter and A-Rod.”

As well as their work on Saturday Night Live, Tina and Amy have worked together on films including Mean Girls, Baby Mama and Megamind.

The 2014 ceremony will be the second time the pair have co-hosted the ceremony, having taken over the responsibility from Ricky Gervais earlier this year.

Amy was happy to share with the publication just how strong their bond is.

“When we're next to each other we like to hug each other a lot, like we're in the womb, and Tina's thumbprint matches my pinkie, because that's what we were like in the womb,” she said.

As for a third co-host for the big night, the comediennes shared several suitable options.

“I feel like we'd probably pick an SNL person because we feel comfortable knowing that they could hang,” Amy added. “But who knows? Maybe we give that kid Jennifer Lawrence, who I find a total delight.”

“Give her a shot!” interrupted Tina.

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