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Flo Rida 'amazed' by Bieber and Beyonce

Flo Rida listens to "an eclectic mix" of songs while he's on the road.

The Grammy Award-nominated rapper is incredibly cosmopolitan.

While he's out travelling, Flo Rida plays a medley of music to keep him entertained.

"I travel all over the world, and I take in sounds I hear abroad - so [I listen to] an eclectic mix of music," he told OK! magazine.

Although Flo Rida is open-minded, the star admits that he does have a few favourite musicians.

"Oh, man, I went on tour with Beyoncé. I'd do a record with her," he said. "OutKast - I'm a big fan of them [too]."

Flo Rida has achieved numerous accolades in his career and can't wait for the Grammy Awards. The showcase makes him reflect on when he received a nod in 2010.

"Just being nominated makes you feel like you've already won," Flo Rida recalled. "It was a good feeling to have been nominated for Best Rap Album [for R.O.O.T.S.]."

Flo Rida remembers when he was not so famous. While he was touring as an up-and-coming artist, the rapper crossed paths with a future superstar.

"At a radio event [Justin Bieber and I] almost shared a dressing room," Flo Rida shared. "It just had a curtain between us. I heard singing and thought it was the radio, but it was the kid next door. I went over and was like, 'You have an amazing voice.' He rocked the crowd, and they loved him then. The success he has now is just amazing."

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