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Florence: Broken limbs lead to Glasto

Florence Welch is planning to hold a ceremony in the Glastonbury healing fields to help Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl recover from his broken leg.

The redheaded songstress, the frontwoman of Florence + the Machine, landed a headlining slot at the upcoming world-famous musical festival after the Foo Fighters pulled out when Dave Grohl broke his leg.

And while Florence is more than a little excited about her upcoming performance at the festival, she is not forgetting just how she secured the prestigious gig.

“It’s the broken hearts and broken limbs that led to Glastonbury,” she told Britain’s The Guardian newspaper. “It’s a strange and quite cracked way to get there. Literally. If I’d had six months knowing that I was going to do this [headline slot], I think I would have slowly descended into madness. But Glastonbury is such a powerful place that I feel we should get everyone in the crowd to use their healing powers – utilise the ley lines – to help Dave’s leg. Maybe I should hold a ceremony in the healing fields for him.”

Florence + the Machine have recently released new album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. And Florence told the publication that penning songs for the record was something of a therapy for her because she otherwise finds it difficult to express her feelings.

“The problem is that I’m not very good at saying how I feel, in person,” she said. “When you’re a performer, you want to make people feel good. And when you do that on such a grand scale … when your feelings are difficult, smaller and more domestic, you’re just like: ‘I have no idea how that is said. Do you want me to sing it?’ I can go and sing it to loads of strangers, but this kind of … the intensity of actual day-to-day intimacy …”

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