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Florence Welch: I'll perform for Winehouse

Florence Welch would be "honoured" to perform at an Amy Winehouse tribute concert.

Amy died aged 27 last July and her father Mitch has confirmed a show in her honor will take place later this year. Florence would love to be involved if at all possible.

"It'd be an honour to sing at the tribute concert but I have to see how it fits in with touring," she said.

Florence was shocked when she heard Amy had passed away last year. Although the two weren't really friends Florence was a big fan of the soul star's music.

"I was devastated when Amy died. It was such a shock, it shouldn't have happened. We weren't close, but I thought she was an incredible performer. The first time I saw her was the first time I'd performed at Glastonbury - the really muddy year. We had some time off so my friends and I went to watch her and she was incredible," she told Look magazine.

Jessie J and Lily Allen are rumoured to be playing at the tribute concert.

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