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Florence Welch recalls clown crowd surf

Florence Welch has recalled "crowd surfing [her] way out of a show" in a clown suit after getting overly excited.

The British songstress is a regular performer at festivals with her indie rock band Florence + the Machine. Florence fondly remembers a time where she accidently exited a concert when she struggled to contain her enthusiasm.

"There was this one year I got really overexcited at Reading [festival] in this clown suit. Rage Against The Machine played and I got really overexcited, ran straight in and started crowd surfing immediately," she recalled in an interview with NME.

"And then I was just suddenly in the middle of the huge moshpit. And the one thing you wanna go for if you're someone in a moshpit is someone in a clown suit and then obviously I got pushed all the way out and couldn't find my way back in. So basically I got really overexcited and crowd surfed/moshed my way out of the gig."

Florence is performing at the upcoming Leeds and Reading festivals in the UK. She is looking forward to sharing her music from her latest album Ceremonials at the outdoor event.

"Well, festival sound is something that you have to work with, but I think what's nice about the record is it does seem to translate quite well with the first one, y'know? And it hasn't mellowed, so it's still the areas that that first album operate in," she explained.

"It doesn't feel like the second album alienates you from those songs, so it can work just as well at a rocky festival as it can at a more laid-back one."

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