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Florence Welch reveals personality conflict

Florence Welch says her "conflicting sides join forces" when she performs on stage.

The British songstress claims there are two sides to her personality - the private self and her public persona. Florence says the different sides of her character all merge into one when she takes to the stage.

"I think performances feel like all the conflicting sides of myself, instead of fighting against each other, suddenly join forces," she told the UK edition of OK! magazine.

"All the internal battles, which kind of make me an introverted person off stage, can be resolved through performance. But you don't really get that from conversation, or just day-to-day life. I think the internal war still rages."

Florence has discussed the fact that many performers insist they can be themselves while on stage. The singer agrees with the sentiment.

"I can understand that, because you can become anything on stage. I would like to be floating around town, spinning off railings, singing at the top of my lungs and for everything to be a musical, but because everyday life is more constrained, you can't," she added.

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