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Florence Welch: We've all been hurt

Florence Welch has explained the idea behind her intense What Kind of Man video.

The singer took some time out from her career after 2011 album Ceremonials but is now back with her latest record How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, which has already spawned hit What Kind of Man.

In the accompanying video things get pretty intense, with Florence seen screaming at her male co-star. It's based on personal experience and the redheaded singer thinks everyone will be able to relate.

"It's my version of Dante's Inferno. We depict love as purgatory, an explosive, destructive relationship between two people, who know they shouldn't be together, but can't help themselves," she revealed to German magazine Jolie.

"I'm convinced all of us have experienced a broken, poisonous and passionate relationship like that. As long as not all partnerships are like that, it's fine."

During the year off from her career, Florence admits she kept on going to events and wasn't taking any time for herself. She has previously described herself as "unstable" during that time but is ultimately glad she went through that experience.

"Apparently so," she answered when asked if she needs drama in her life. "It was a time when I wasn't on tour and just wanted to relax. Looking back, it was good that I fell apart and had to put myself back together. It was a way for me to get to know my individual pieces much better."

How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful is due to be released in June in the UK.

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