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Saturday 19 April 2014

Fogle: My son an explorer like me

Ben Fogle says becoming a parent has been his biggest adventure

Ben Fogle has said his young son Ludo is already showing signs of becoming an adventurer like him.

The TV presenter - whose adventures have included crossing deserts and jungles, rowing the Atlantic and swimming with crocodiles - is father to five-year-old Ludo and two-year-old Iona with wife Marina.

Ben told OK! magazine: "Ludo loves insects and animals - all he wants to do is pick up insects; he has cuddly toys of every type of animal out there.

"He's got a crocodile tooth that I collected from the bottom of an African river, a rattlesnake skin from Texas, he just loves nature so he's definitely inherited that from me.

"Iona is very strong-spirited but wary, and she definitely takes after Marina.

"We took Ludo to Mozambique - it was amazing taking him to beaches where sharks swim to catch crabs and going out in fishing boats, it was a really magical time - this is the start of the adventures."

And despite all the expeditions he has been on, Ben insists there is no greater achievement than becoming a parent.

He said: "There is something very magical about creating these unique beings with your loved one and bringing them into the world and teaching them life lessons. That makes me so proud."

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