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Fonda: Mother’s suicide inspired activism

Jane Fonda has opened up about losing her mother to suicide at the age of 12, insisting the tragedy has made her a stronger woman and an advocate for victims of abuse.

The 75-year-old Oscar-winning actress was just 12 when her mother took her own life.

Matriarch Frances Ford Seymour Brokaw was reportedly undergoing treatment at a psychiatric hospital at the time.

The tragedy has inspired Jane to help others and she’s using her celebrity to raise awareness for causes supporting victims of violence like her mother.

“I have seen it up close, what abuse can do to people,” she told FOX 411’s Pop Tarts column.

“My mother was actually abused as a child and killed herself when I was 12, and that is just for starters.”

Jane got involved with a charity called One Billion Rising.

The organisation aims to end violence against women.

Celebrities including Kerry Washington and Thandie Newton are also supporters of its mission. Jane is urging others in their “unique position” to do more.

“We can bring attention and throw light to the dark corners where evil is happening and a lot of that evil is being directed towards women,” she explained.

She is also urging anymore who may hear of abuse to speak out no matter the consequences.

“If a child tells you they have been molested or approached by a perpetrator or pedophile, believe them. Believe the child and go to authorities even if it means you (speak out against) someone who is a member of your family,” she insisted.

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