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Fred Durst: Blood is good on stage

Fred Durst says being "drenched in blood" from a mosh pit brawl provided an "amazing aesthetic" for the rest of his stage show.

The Limp Bizkit star has had his fair share of rock n' roll instances while on the road. Fred has recalled a particularly messy moment, which added to the authenticity of his on-stage set.

"Absolutely, many times," he exclaimed, when asked if he's ever shed blood in the name of rock. "One time, there was a super-hard, gnarly mosh pit brawl going on that I jumped into. My lip got busted open pretty good. When I got back onstage I was drenched in blood, which was an amazing aesthetic for the rest of the show.

"Then there was another time in the early days of the band when somebody had made a homemade razorblade throwing star, and that hit me in the cheek while I was up on the barricade. It sliced me up pretty bad, so there was a lot of real blood shed from that one too."

Fred says his hardcore tendencies don't end there. The 41-year-old vocalist has revealed a time where he took being unhappy with playing a guitar into his own hands.

"On this last tour I was supposed to play rhythm guitar while Wes [Borland, Limp Bizkit guitarist] played his solo on the song Shotgun. That's a song which I never wanted to play live anyway, and I hated standing there with the guitar, I just felt so f**king stupid," he told Kerrang! magazine.

"It didn't fit me. So after a couple of times I was done with it, and I took the guitar off and smashed that son of a b***h. It felt really good. I figured, if I smashed the guitar, I couldn't do it anymore. Problem solved!"

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