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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Freeman excited about space travel

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman would relish the opportunity to partake in deep space travel and is honoured to help aspiring cosmic explorers achieve their dream through his new TV mini-series New Race for Space.

The 75-year-old Academy Award-nominated actor is currently producing a new TV show for the Science Channel on the matter entitled New Race for Space.

The three-part miniseries will follow a medley of space travel entrepreneurs, from small-time dreamers to aerospace mogul Sir Richard Branson who is spearheading the Virgin Galactic project.

Morgan believes this programme is timely, as it’s been a few decades since the world’s first moon landing made by America’s Apollo 11 crew.

“It’s been almost 45 years since we landed on the moon, since we were really excited about going out into space, and I’ve always thought it was a mistake not to continue that exploration,” Morgan told Entertainment Weekly.

“I’m personally excited that we now have entrepreneurs who are interested in doing this.”

Morgan is equally eager for someone to create a novel, state-of-the-art spaceship during his lifetime.

The thespian would jump at the chance to view distant stars at a heartbeat.

“Me, go out into deep space? Yeah. Given the opportunity I would,” Morgan said. “One of the major moments during the moon landing was being able to see the Earth rise. Imagine being able to see that for real? I’m looking down on Central Park right now in New York. It’s like a moving painting. Imagine seeing the planet itself - ‘Wow, that’s where we live, that’s all there is.’”

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