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Freeman ‘learning every hour’

Martin Freeman has spoken about how nervous he is about hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend.

The 43-year-old Sherlock actor will be hosting Saturday Night Live on December 13.

And although he has anxiety over flexing his comedy skills, Martin is thankful he is surrounded by so many supportive people.

"I've never been a standup, I've never had that skill particularly. I like being funny and I like doing sketches and stuff,” he told Access Hollywood.

“I'm learning it as I go along... I'm learning a little more every hour that I'm here, surrounded by very talented people who are helping me.”

Although he’s feeling up to the task, Martin confesses he’s still very nervous about hosting SNL.

But the champion thespian is being very objective about his internal unrest over the gig.

"I'm sure there'll be nerves come that opening monologue," he explained. "It's like theatre, but not exactly like theatre. It's a slightly different animal.”

Martin stars in forthcoming fantasy picture Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies.

And he thinks it’s totally possible one of his Hobbit co-stars, like Orlando Bloom or Evangeline Lilly, could make an appearance during an SNL sketch.

"They might hit me with something -- I'm up for anything," he smiled.

Martin previously revealed while he has become most well-known for his role as Bilbo, he will always remain proud of his portrayal of the brave Mr Baggins.

"In 20 years, if people are shouting 'Bilbo!' at me in the street, well, I should be so lucky. There are only a limited amount of things you'll do in your working life that will resonate with people, and I've been very lucky in that I've done a few already. And I'm still a very young, 25-year-old man," he told last year.

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