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Freeman loves working with wife

Martin Freeman says he loves working with his wife on Sherlock.

The actor plays the role of John Watson on the British drama Sherlock, and Amanda plays his wife Mary Mortsan.

According to Martin, having her on the show with him has been a wonderful experience.

“I’ve done it a few times with Amanda before, but nothing as sustained as this,” Martin told Access Hollywood. “We’re playing partners in the show. She’s great.”

The Hobbit star goes on to explain that spending all that time with Amanda makes the work day speed by.

He and the actress have been married since 2007 and are extremely comfortable and aware of how the other works.

“I love it. It made the day go even quicker. It made it even more enjoyable. We have a natural kind of rhythm and chemistry together that I love. I really appreciate that part of my day. It made it easier,” he added.

Amanda revealed she dealt with a huge backlash when Sherlock fans first discovered she would be playing John Watson’s wife.

Apparently they were afraid she would come between Watson and Sherlock Holmes, played by Benedict Cumberbatch.

“When I told everybody I was playing Mary, there was a small group who wanted me dead,” Amanda told UK newspaper The Times. “I got, ‘She should die. How dare she play Mary Mortsan? How dare she!’”

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