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Freida Pinto relished 'wild' shoot

Freida Pinto let go of her biggest fears while shooting her latest magazine cover image.

The 28-year-old actress appears on the cover of Condé Nast Traveler magazine's latest edition.

Freida grins broadly as she gets to grips steering a motor boat, and says she overcame one of her biggest fears to get the shot.

“It was nerve-wracking. I have a bit of a fear of the water. My favourite part was when the photographer and I decided to just throw caution to the wind, and take off in one of the speedboats," she giggled to the magazine. "It was a moment of spontaneous, wild fun!"

The Indian actress-and-model is best known for starring in Slumdog Millionaire. She hopes her cover shoot with the travelling magazine will raise awareness about what her home country is really like.

“I want to show off India to the world! I wanted to show that there is so much more to Kashmir than what’s reported in the paper and on the telly," she explained.

Freida has recently been appointed as one of the magazine's visionaries, a role where she'll use her star power to shed light on the world's biggest problems. She believes it's important for people to visit as many places in the world as possible to witness different cultures and issues.

“There’s so much happening around the world, and the only way to be more well versed is to be a global citizen, travelling from one place to another all the time,” she continued.

Freida is also the organisation's global ambassador for the Because I Am A Girl campaign, and recently travelled to Ethiopia to visit a girls' centre in connection with her role. In a video she filmed during her time on the trip, Freida says everyone should be doing more to help those less fortunate than themselves.

"I'm the global ambassador and I'm visiting Ethiopia and it's kind of like a web of problems, it's not simple, we're trying to work out the ways to solve these problems. It's kind of a no brainer, but it's about education," she explained.

"My main work is to get an overview of what's happening and see how we can help, and also about creating awareness. An educated and fortunate girl in the US or India should definitely be aware of what a girl in Ethiopia has to go through. She has a voice to put out there and should go for it."

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