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Friends fear for LiLo?

Lindsay Lohan has sparked concern due to her alleged diet plan.

The Mean Girls actress recently completed a 90-day stay in rehab after pleading no contest to a car crash in June 2012. Since leaving she has boasted a fuller, healthier figure while venturing out in public.

However, Lindsay is reportedly keen to get her trimmer physique back. Following years of her weight yo-yoing the 27-year-old redhead's pals apparently fear her alleged decision to lose 20lbs. in 20 days will make her vulnerable.

"They're worried this diet is just another way for her to abuse herself," a source told Heat magazine. "And when she's low on energy, that's when her defences are down, which is a problem for someone who's only just come out of rehab."

It isn't just those close to her who are concerned about her aim.

Personal trainer and nutritionist for Reebok Sport Tim Hart explained this goal is unsafe and not easy to achieve. He also revealed the lack of food could have a huge effect on a person’s overall mood.

"It's dangerous - it's not possible to lose 20lb of body fat and maintain and muscle, so that weight is coming from muscle and organs and loss of water," he warned. "You'll be really lethargic and your mood won't be great."

News of her diet plans comes as something of a surprise as earlier this month the former child star insisted she is concentrating on her health.

"My focus is on my health and wellbeing. Plain and simple, it is of the utmost importance," she announced, after failing to appear at the Venice Film Festival.

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