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Thursday 24 April 2014

Froggatt prefers later Downton fame

Joanne Froggatt first found fame in Coronation Street as a teenager

Joanne Froggatt has confessed she is enjoying fame much more the second time around with Downton Abbey than she did with Coronation Street.

The actress - who plays head maid Anna in the hit ITV period drama - told Metro her fame was much easier to deal with than it had been when she played troubled teen mum Zoe Tattersall in Corrie, aged just 17.

Joanne, 33, said: "I just wasn't ready for being recognised everywhere I went. Coronation Street was my first job, Zoe was a controversial character and I wasn't used to everyone looking at me.

"It happened wherever I went in Manchester. It was a scary experience. I found it quite disturbing at that age. But I'm glad I went through it because now with Downton I can really enjoy it."

Although Downton is popular in the US, Joanne promised she wouldn't be relocating to Hollywood any time soon.

She said she didn't feel any temptation to move: "I've got an agent in LA but no, not really. I'm still finding new things in Anna, I still feel there's a lot of her story to tell.

"Last time around I was doing my Miss Marple thing with all the scenes in jail with Mr Bates. She's a very strong-minded character, she's very forthright in the way she does things. But I don't feel yet that Anna has been explored to the extremes."

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