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Gabrielle: No one wants to watch us cuddle!

Gabrielle Union says a reality show about her and husband Dwyane Wade would just involve them “cuddling”.

The Think Like a Man Too actress married Dwyane Wade in Miami in August. And while many other celebrity couples let the cameras into their lives for the purpose of entertainment, Gabrielle admits her and Dwyane’s marriage is anything but television-worthy.

“The kind of things that we would want to do for reality TV are the kinds of things that get shows cancelled quickly," Gabrielle told People. “Like travel shows or a cooking show – nothing that anyone would want to see us doing.

“A cuddle show, where we just cuddle and watch HGTV. That would be like our saucy reality show."

Gabrielle and Dwyane started dating back in 2009 and got engaged in December 2013. However, shortly after their engagement, it was revealed that Dwyane had fathered a son by another woman.

"I had a time, a part in our break, in our pain and our hurt, a blessing came out of it in my life, having a son that was born healthy. So I'm moving on,” he said at the time.

Gabrielle previously revealed when she first met Dwyane, she was unsure about the prospect of a romantic relationship with the athlete.

"When I met Dwyane, his 'resume' looked like c**p: athlete, going through a divorce, nine years younger than me," Gabrielle told America’s Glamour magazine earlier this year. "None of that screamed, 'Let's have a lasting relationship.

"Then, after I had a heart-crushing breakup with yet another immature jerk, I thought, it can't be any worse if I date a fetus. Let's just see what happens. Turned out he'd been on his own since he was 15. He had wisdom that comes with facing an insane amount of adversity. He's sweet, funny, honest about his shortcomings. When I put my preconceived notions to the side, I found someone cool."

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