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Gabrielle Union: Lizards listen!

Gabrielle Union thinks animals are great listeners.

The 42-year-old actress lives with her husband, basketball player Dwyane Wade. They might seem like unusual pets, but Gabrielle has an affinity for the scaly creatures living near her home.

"I talk to the lizards that live in our back yard," she admitted to Us Weekly. "They're great listeners."

It's not just reptiles Gabrielle loves - she also has two pups with her hubby.

"I'm a dog lover," she gushed. "I have a Dalmatian mix named Pink (after the singer) and Bobby Hurley, a feisty Maltese."

The star spoke to the magazine, offering up a series of weird and wonderful facts she doesn't think people know about her. Among them was the fact that she has a degree in Sociology, that she isn't very good at singing and that she thinks margaritas have "healing powers".

Gabrielle's fans will likely always associate her with playing Isis in popular cheerleader flick Bring It On. In real life, the star was also sporty at school.

"I was a cheerleader in the eighth grade. I did, in fact, 'bring it'," she grinned.

"I was a point guard in basketball in high school. I led the lead in technical fouls. I had a bit of an attitude problem."

Gabrielle has been busy this year, appearing in movie Think Like a Man Too and TV show Being Mary Jane. When she has some time to relax, she indulges by tucking into steaks from Omaha, where she is from, and goes to see Broadway musicals.

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