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Gaby Hoffmann: Labour is primal

Gaby Hoffmann is “a little obsessed” with childbirth.

The Girls actress welcomed her own child, daughter Rosemary, in November last year. But even before she went through the labour process herself, she found giving birth fascinating.

“Have you ever seen anybody being born in a natural setting? Not drugged or with a C-section, which is sometimes necessary and thank God for it. The second you see it you understand,” she told the American edition of Elle. “It's primal. It's primordial. It's extraordinary. Once you see it, especially as a woman, it haunts you in your bones.”

Gaby technically went through childbirth twice, as a month before having Rosemary, she had to act out her character’s labour in the series finale of Girls. But the 33-year-old found the experience an enjoyable one.

“I was eight months pregnant. I was preparing to have my own home birth—in a safe way that went beautifully and resulted in a baby at home. We just did it,” she recalled. “I've been to many home births and many births. I'm a little obsessed with birth. So I'd heard the sounds and witnessed the movements. I drew on that, and I had fun.”

The outlet asked Gaby how she thinks Hollywood represents mothers on screen. But despite being in one of the most popular TV shows on the planet, the star admitted she doesn’t watch the small screen very much.

“I don't see much, to be honest. I immediately think of Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, which is an old '70s movie that has a mother character in it that I love,” she said. “But I don't have a television so I see very little. But I would say, most likely, that the answer is no because most things are not that nuanced in Hollywood.”

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