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Gaga: I took advice from a stripper

Lady Gaga has recalled going to a “Where strippers go to die” night.

The Applause singer made the revelation during an appearance on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. The 28-year-old appeared on the show with musical collaborator Tony Bennett when the subject of talking to strangers came up.

“The night was called, 'Where Strippers Go to Die,'" she recalled. "So I think the woman must have been 65, 70 years old and was stripping and she was fabulous, and she was going something to Poker Face. And she had no panties on."

Despite gyrating to one of her songs, the woman in question didn’t instantly recognise Gaga. The pair struck up a conversation and the singer was highly amused by the woman’s views on her as a performer.

“So she leans over and she goes, 'You know that Lady Gaga, she can really sing. If she took all those clothes off, and she just sang, she would be great!'" she continued. “And I was like, 'Mm hmm... Well you've certainly taken all of your clothes off! So you know, maybe in some ways, I took her advice."

Gaga decided to reveal her identity to the woman. But instead of being embarrassed, the woman incorporated their exchange into part of her act.

“[She asked me to] sign a beer can that she crushed between her breasts,” she laughed.

Gaga is currently promoting the album she recorded with the legendary singer, Cheek to Cheek. She recently told her fans how much she has enjoyed working with the crooner.

“Love a day with Tony," she wrote on Facebook. "I always leave smiling, or ya know. Working it."

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