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Gandolfini ‘just like movie character’

Julia Louis-Dreyfus remembers Enough Said co-star James Gandolfini as a “thoughtful, dear, sweet” and “self-deprecating” man.

The late actor features alongside former Seinfeld star Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the Nicole Holofcener romantic comedy.

James, who died in June at age 51, plays a man Julia’s divorced character pursues until discovering he is her new friend’s ex-husband.

Promoting the movie at the Toronto Film Festival, Julia said she will always have fond memories of the Sopranos legend and believes audiences will connect deeply to this new character.

“The character he plays in this film is very close to who James Gandolfini was,” she told Access Hollywood. “Thoughtful, dear, sweet, self-deprecating. That’s really who he was in the nicest of ways.”

Julia remembers James as a skilled actor who often used his personal life as inspiration for his role.

She recalled how during one scene he surprised her with his sensitivity and wit.

“The thing about Jim in this movie, he’s really a big guy and he I think even within the film he says, ‘Can you breathe when I’m on top of you?’ and I’m fairly certain that he improvised that because he was very self-conscious about [his size],” she continued.

“He didn’t wanna crush me in the bed scenes that we had together, the love scenes. But in fact, this character is so physically imposing, so you can understand fully why he not only is a phenomenal actor, but why he fit the role of Tony Soprano as well as he did.”

Enough Said will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival on Saturday.

It’s scheduled to hit cinemas across the US in September.

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